Tinkerstar is a newly established company based in Daly City, California. The company was founded with the goal of inspiring young girls around the world and encouraging them to write their thoughts freely through its unique, motivational and interactive journals. Tinkerstar also aims to make daily life easier to manage via its organizational journals and planners suited for both girls and moms as well.

The founder and CEO is a mom, artist, avid photographer and market researcher who yearned to start her own business and had a childhood passion for drawing colorful images, writing letters in adorable stationery and organizing information. Even into motherhood, she still made her own, custom journals such as weekly planners, pregnancy diaries and expense trackers! So, the idea was born to start a company which could allow her to design her very own unique, pretty and custom journals!

The first journal was created in September 2012 with a simple concept: a Birthday and Address Book with a well-loved title “Friendsimage  Forever.” Because of its positive reception, it was followed up immediately with a slam book type journal, the “Getting-To-Know-You Journal.“  These were published via Amazon’s Create Space Independent Publishing platform and after a few months, customers from the United States and the United Kingdom were buying these creations. This encouraged the manufacture of new products and eventually the formation of the company, Tinkerstar.

imageThe latest journal is HAPPY GIRL which combines pretty characters, pastel colors, interesting questions, but this time with inspirational quotes. Tinkerstar’s goal is to produce journals which are not only functional, but also, inspiring. With this book, Tinkerstar wishes to inspire young girls to know themselves, their strengths and limitations so that they can use their talents to their full potential and be the best that they can be — think smart, be confident and simply, be happy!

Tinkerstar believes that every person is unique and special! The customers are the main inspiration for designing these fresh, fun and one-of-a-kind journals! Be happy, be inspired!

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