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With school back in full swing and my children’s days once again chock full of learning, tests, and homework, it is important to me that they each have plenty of fun and interesting ways to spend their free time. While some television and video games are fine, I often find myself encouraging them to create a work of art, play a board game with one another, read a book, or enjoy some outside time in our backyard. The grunts and groans I tend to receive after my requests are both disheartening and obnoxious, so when an opportunity arises where I find something of substance that I think will peak my children’s interest, needless to say I am all over it.

Most recently this has come in the form of a fun, unique journal geared toward young girls! The Happy Girl ABC Inspirational Journal ($14.99) is an interactive 86 page book that contains motivational quotes starting from letters A to Z , which aim to lift the spirits of girls everywhere while motivating them to achieve their goals and dreams. These enlightening quotes are paired along with interesting topic questions that are designed to assist girls in discovering their true self, as well as their strengths, ambitions, talents, and hobbies.


Developed by Paula Q. Star, a corporate market researcher with fifteen years experience turned mom who yearned to start her own line of custom journals after recalling her love of adorable stationary as a child, the Happy Girl ABC Inspirational Journal was actually her second project and combines all of the elements she loves. With this book, Paula wished to inspire young girls to know themselves, their strengths and their limitations, so that they can use their talents to their full potential and be the best that they can be.


Each of my daughters received a Happy Girl ABC Inspirational Journal and were over the moon when I revealed their new goodies after they completed their first week of school. Prior to handing them over, I took some time to look through these enlightening creations. I originally was a bit apprehensive that perhaps these books contained questions or material too mature for my nine and six year old. I was happily surprised that not only were the subjects covered absolutely perfect, but they actually included questions of substance such as What’s the best advice your parents have given you so far? and Describe your dream vacation. What places or countries would you like to visit? I was also impressed that the Happy Girl ABC Inspirational Journal gave users plenty of room to write their responses and had such an overall message of positivity, love, and living a good life!

– Mar

Obviously Marvelous


7 September 2013



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