Polly & Friends Travel Diaries


Join Polly as she visits her friends all over the USA and the World for an educational travel adventure!

Hi Friends! I am Polly! It’s nice to meet you! I am 10 years old and I am in 5th Grade. I enjoy going to school, writing,  and studying. I come from a close walking-1knit family. My Dad is a doctor and he is in the Military. He is very soft spoken and  kind. And very smart! My mom is pretty. She just stays at home to stay to take care of us. She also loves to make our house beautiful and neat.

I have two younger brothers — Raffy who is 6 and Paolo who is 3. They are both very cute and smart. I love my family!

I am taking up ballet lessons, my teacher said I am a graceful dancer! I have lots of fun practicing and I have made lots of new ballerina friends! We love to eat and hang out at home. We  watch ballet videos as well as we have some barbecue!

Aside from these, I love writing and drawing. I like to make pictures of people, food and places. I like using different colors of pens and crayons and I like pretty stationery. I love pink, purple and pastels. I love pretty things like flowers and ribbons!  I have a doll named Alice! I love taking care of her.

Join me in my travel adventures as my family and I visit my friends around the USA and the world!

Polly Visits her BFF Pamela in San Francisco

ballerinaThis weekend, I am visiting my friend Pamela in our neighboring city, San Francisco!  Pam is 13 years old and we met at Madame Vella’s Ballet School in Mission St.  Her dream is to join San Francisco Ballet and also have her own ballet studio someday! Right now she is dancing with a local studio Dance Theatre Arts in Noe Valley.

Here is Pamela in a cute blue tutu in a front coupe position! Pam and I are both funny and wacky! We both love to dance and make new friends. When we go to parties, we just dance and dance! I enjoy her friendship a lot. We share a lot of secrets! 🙂




San Francisco

San Francisco is a super beautiful city! It is the home of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and where you see some amazing tourist attractions such as Alcatraz, Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 6_AA
Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf! You can also ride the Cable Cars here in the heart of the City! At Pier 39, there are shows you can watch of sea lions and other marine mammals! You can also see sharks and jelly fish at the Aquarium By the Bay! At Angel Island you and your family can explore old forts and hike or ride a bike. If you want yummy ice cream and chocolate you can go to Ghirardelli Square! For science enthusiasts, you can go to the Exploratorium where they display award-winning exhibits and science experiments. For outdoor fun, you can fly kites on the former Army airstrip called Crissy Field and build sand castles at Ocean Beach! At the Fort Point, you can have a glimpse of history and a close up view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

I have enjoyed visiting the Children’s Creativity Museum and California Academy of Sciences with my classmates! Here we saw butterflies, alligators and penguins! We also experienced their awesome Planetarium where you can see stars even during the daytime. Afterwards, my friends and went to Golden Gate Park to run around. They have slides and vintage carousel there which we enjoyed. There is still much to see in San Francisco! I haven’t been to the SF Zoo. I heard it is the place to go to see cool animals! I am also interested in seeing their mini steam train and the Lemur Forest.

I hope you enjoyed my Travel Diaries in San Francisco! Watch out for my next travel adventure with my family and friends!



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